Our Services


A formative and visual study in the subject, the preferences of the target audience in terms of style, choosing the precise visual language to the field, product and audience.


Choosing basic design directions, and making initial sketches that display the shape and gives attention to the details, according to the use of the product. After the first sketches, we will select the correct way to continue, and make an advanced precise sketch according to it.

Manual model

An optional process of modeling and sculpting the visual shape of the product, before transitioning to a long process of computer work, which takes more time in comperesent. The scales, proportion and composition are being tested in a precise 3-dimensional method.

Computer Modeling​

Optimal building and modelling from the projections of the model, according to the scale and by taking into consideration the function, in computerised planning software, and compatibility with the manufacturing technology.

Engineering Design

An optional service that is the process of connecting the outside and the inside of the product together, combining the shape of the product in to his functionality, compatibility between the inside components with the outside shell, and compatibility to the manufacturing technology. Usually, the time of this process, exceeds the time of the planning and modeling mentioned in all other stages combined.

Customer Success

The customer got the product he wanted, I can take a deep breath, and be happy for another successful project.​