Kipo Industrial Design Studio ​

Kipo Industrial Design Studio was founded in late 2010 by Rotem Ben Yehuda, a Betzalel academy for art and design graduate.

“I found my love for design in 1999, during my military service as a combat medic when I spent my free time learning to sculpt and carve with wood and other material. I decided to continue developing this skill I’d discovered after the military when I began studying at Betzalel in the Industrial/Product Design program.”

After completing his studies, Rotem worked at Sara Cordova Exhibition Design studio and at Rotel Product Engineering, and started down an independent path in the world of design, which is how Kipo Studio was born.

In our studio, we believe that good design is comprehensively dealing first with the function (or functions) that the product must fulfill and the environment in which it lives – the shape of the product must comprehensively address this. Additionally, the product needs to be aesthetic, to fit the fashion and style of the user while embodying a unique shape that will stand out on shelves and highlight its use with its composition.

Today Kipo Studio offers product design and sculpting services to large corporations, to entrepreneurs, engineering companies, designers and design businesses. Our clients include: Keter plastic, Haboleshet, Spiffy Gear, Studio PK, Studio Danny Lavie and more.