Customised Name Tag


In 30 years money will be digital, the coin will carry nostalgic and aesthetic value The coin will be wearable and actually “we wear what we’re worth”

Design of 1 coin with value of 100 shekel suitable for the time period in another 20 years

To maintain the value of money, the coin can be used only by one who has calibrated their fingerprint into the coin’s memory. During trade, one who pays resets with their fingerprint.


They both hold the coin together and so the coin is transferred to the recipient


Investigation by interviewing science fiction authors and research into the future gave rise to conclusions and choosing a line of design, continued with hand-sketched coin design transferred to computer models which required combining various build techniques, Ilan Rimon’s face was generated by a program called FACE GEN, the remaining primary model was made in embossment

The upper portion of the coin was made with wax printing and transferred to silver cast with disappearing wax, a mold of the parts and silver copies for the exhibit were made. The lower portion of the coin was made by OBJECT printing.