Saxo inner cover

Didgeridoo is an ancient aboriginal musical instrument, originating in Australia.

When combining it with a saxophone you receive a novel instrument combining old and new.The Saxo-Didge project combines some key elements

  • The advanced science of didgeridoo sound engineering; Generally, this is a one note musical instrument. The fine tuning of the overtones gives the Saxo-Didge its professional sound.

  • Efficiency: Folding the traditional didgeridoo to a saxophone-like shape makes it more comfortable and easy to handle without harming sound quality.

  • Very sexy, fluid and appealing design style

  • The Saxo-Didge is manufactured utilizing the most advanced mass production techniques.


The design challenge in this project is styling a fluid, clean and smooth form regardless of the sound design technical limitations.

In this project we designed 2 notes with 3 different sound modules (A total of 6 different instruments) which produce an amazing sound. didgeridoo world known experts have been calling those instruments “Didgeridoo Ferrari”.

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Smooth Gypsey

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